Introducing Solix Common Data Platform 3.0
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Introducing Solix Common Data Platform 3.0

Introducing Solix Common Data Platform 3.0 – The cloud data management platform for Enterprise Archiving, Enterprise Data Lake, Consumer Data Privacy, and Enterprise AI.

We are excited to announce the release of Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) 3.0 – the most advanced version powering our flagship cloud data management applications. Featuring a cloud-native architecture, a new intuitive UX, and enhanced capabilities across the platform, Solix CDP 3.0 is engineered to deliver unmatched performance, scalability, security, data governance, and ease of use.

Solix CDP 3.0 introduces a new unified and integrated archive repository called SafeArchive that supports structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data for archiving and retiring databases, email, unstructured files, and entire applications. Solix CDP 3.0 is secure, offers petabyte-scale processing performance, and is designed to securely manage enterprise data at the lowest cost across multi-cloud environments.


Solix Common Data Platform (CDP)


Key Solix CDP 3.0 enhancements include improved security features to provide more refined operational and access control through expanded role-based security, object management, data storage, and data access. The Solix CDP 3.0 platform also includes more comprehensive audit trails and granular controls for improved data governance and compliance, including retention management, disposition reporting, and data privacy. Solix CDP 3.0 is the safest, most secure, and most compliant platform we have delivered yet.

We’ve also simplified operations management with built-in monitoring, deployment tools, and DR functionality, and we have revamped the user interface with guided workflows, drag-and-drop functionality, and execution simplification. These enhancements make Solix CDP 3.0 easier to manage for admins and more intuitive for business users.

Solix CDP 3.0 also offers improved performance for the migration and validation of structured and unstructured data, including faster indexing based on specific use cases and product usage. The updated scheduler and support for higher concurrent use make Solix CDP easier to manage at scale.

Unstructured data management has also seen significant updates. In addition to improved performance and security, the update now includes enhanced file analysis, filter management, and a simple yet powerful file viewer without ever downloading files.

The popular Solix CDP data access capabilities have also been enhanced, with additional customization capabilities for search, reports, forms, and APIs.

We are excited to share that Solix CDP 3.0 is already deployed in production at several early-access companies in the pharma, transportation, defense, manufacturing, beverages, and insurance industries.

Finally, we’re pleased to launch Solix Enterprise AI, an innovative solution suite showcasing the capabilities of Solix ML and Solix GPT. This transformative solution provides a secure and compliant way to harness the potential of enterprise data alongside revolutionary Gen AI technologies. Join our Beta Program today and experience the future with Solix Enterprise AI!

We thank all our existing customers for their continued feedback and collaboration with our product team and for making this release special.

We look forward to joining you in the next chapter of data management by exploring the endless possibilities with Solix CDP 3.0!

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