Solix Application Portfolio Manager

According to a recent Gartner report “The decommissioning of existing systems-of-record applications will be very significant — we believe that between 2010 and 2020 more than half of all data center applications in use in 2010 will be retired. This mass retirement will bring the problem of orphaned data to the front and center of issues the IT organization will be expected to mediate and resolve”. (Managing orphaned data will require a multidisciplinary approach, March 2011)

Application retirement is part of the process that includes holistically managing the enterprise application portfolio. Applications also age and become legacy, where they are no longer adding business value to the enterprise but consume significant portion of IT maintenance budgets. The main reason these applications still have to be maintained is for the sake of data which has to be preserved for compliance and regulatory reasons. The obsolescent applications include applications on mainframes slated for replacement with less expensive servers, and applications with duplicate functionality that have accumulated in the environment through mergers and acquisitions. Obviously retiring legacy applications would create a major savings on the IT operating budget by freeing staff for more important assignments, eliminating licensing and maintenance fees, and allows IT to shut down the hardware they run on, saving power and heating costs immediately. The prospect of these savings is a major driver in establishing application portfolio management and application rationalization in large IT environments.

Solix EDMS Application Retirement is an unified and end-2-end application retirement solution. The solution provides data classification, migration, validation, preservation of application context, compress data to reduce storage requirements in long term archive, provide data access and retention management.

Once the data coming from is stored in the long term archive and, the application retirement process needs to ensure

  • Seamless data access to the data in the long term archive
  • Retention management for the data

Solix Application Portfolio Manager (Solix APM) provides a holistic view for legacy application data stored in long term archive where business users can search, browse and create reports on data objects and export data as required in common formats such as XML and CSV. Solix APM also includes an easy to provision role-based security model for accessing data in the long term archive that can be tied with enterprise identity management solutions based on LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory. Solix APM also keeps track of legacy application data to trigger data retention at different levels of granularity for individual applications as and when the application data ages and qualifies for a retention event. Solix APM also allows placing in-place legal holds on data to preserve the data that is related to legal discovery. Solix APM is accessed as a standard Internet application which minimizes deployment requirements, lowering maintenance costs and training requirements for business users.

  • Dashboard in Solix APM provides a summary view for the applications portfolio that has been created with retired or de-commissioned applications.
  • Role-based Security in Solix APM helps define roles, that can be assigned to user or group users with ability to integrate with LDAP or Active Directory.
  • Create, Save, View and Share Reports using comprehensive fast query and reporting capabilities, with ability to save and share reports among group of users.
  • Export the data from the reports to common formats such as XML and CSV.
  • Rapid deployment and provisioning with no desktop software to install and easy integration into corporate intranet applications.
  • Retention Management and Legal holds to manage retention of data objects according to corporate policies and preservation of data under legal discovery process.
  • Integration with 3r party BI tools such as SAP Business Objects.
  • Available with Solix EDMS Application Retirement and Solix ExAPPS.




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