Enable End-End Uniform Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Self-service and true data democratization are critical for the success of today’s data-driven enterprises. However, they are struggling to make it a reality in their organizations. There are many reasons for this struggle including; the need to comply with complex global regulations concerning data privacy and data retention, threat of unauthorized data access and leaks, and difficulty in ensuring data quality and standardization for data analysis. These concerns are real and are limiting the way organizations can leverage big data to sustain and thrive in this highly competitive business environment.

Solix CDP’s Data Governance Workbench eliminates all these concerns with its comprehensive capabilities, such as role-base granular access controls, data security, PII Manager, data retention and legal hold management, ILM, data quality, and full audit.

Solix Common Data Platform - Governance Workbench

Data Governance & Security Capabilities

  • Role-Based Granular Access Control

    Enforce comprehensive authentication and role-based access controls to protect your data from unauthorized access. With the ability to configure Kerberos, LDAP, AD, and SSO, Solix CDP provides users with privilege-based granular role-based access at a dataset/row/column/file level.

  • PII Manager

    Quickly identify otherwise difficult to find PII, PCI, PHI and other sensitive data across the heterogeneous data sources and secure it using the format-preserving data masking capability of Solix CDP. This enables rapid sharing of data while meeting the compliance and data privacy regulations.

  • Regulatory & Legal Compliance

    In today’s complex regulatory environment, organizations are struggling to balance the need to comply and the need to enable a data-driven culture. With comprehensive governance capabilities such as data retention management, PII discovery and protection, legal hold, full audit trail and granular role-based access controls, Solix puts the organization back in control of its data assets without risking compliance. The Governance Workbench also features enhanced capabilities to support GDPR compliance.

  • Encryption and Masking

    Secure your critical data present in Solix CDP with industry standard encryption, data masking or document redaction. These highly scalable and robust data security features make it easy to secure critical information present in both structured and unstructured data, while data is in motion and at rest.

  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

    Solix ILM capability classifies data at creation and moves data across infrastructure tiers based on business rules, data retention policies, and legal hold. It ensures that only active data is consuming valuable tier one compute and storage resources, and that all data is governed by compliance and internal governance policies throughout its lifecycle.

  • Full Audit Trail

    Solix Governance Workbench logs all actions performed on Solix CDP to provide audit log from across the platform and provides with point-in-time search and reporting capabilities. This enables governance and compliance professional to gain the required visibility into how data is being accessed and processed across the Solix CDP. This helps keep a check on policy enforcement and mitigate risks associated with non-compliance.


  • Enforce granular role-based access control
  • Protect critical information with encryption, masking, and redaction
  • Policy-based data retention & legal hold for regulatory and legal compliance
  • Enhanced features for GDPR compliance
  • Supports Kerberos, LDAP, AD, SSO
  • PII manager to discover and secure sensitive information
  • Enable full Information Lifecycle Management with ease
  • Full audit trail & reporting
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