Solix EDMS Test Data Management
Efficiently create realistic test data for reliable application testing

In a typical IT organization six to eight full-sized database clones are created for each production database to accomplish application testing and development. Because so many organizations clone production data to populate their test environments, creating test data is time consuming, costly and may expose an organization to compliance issues.

Solix EDMS Test Data Management automates the creation and management of database subsets and clones based on organization-defined business rules. Test databases are built using automated parallel copy processes to reduce creation time from a day long procedure to just hours, regardless of the size of the production database.

Save time and reduce infrastructure costs up to 70%

Solix EDMS Test Data Management creates syntactically correct subsets of production data for the most realistic testing possible. Instead of creating full-sized database clones, subsets provide accurate application testing results while saving time and reducing infrastructure costs based on storage allocation up to 70%.

Solix EDMS Test Data Management


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