21 Jul, 2024

Why every organization needs a Chief Happiness Officer

It’s no longer debatable: happiness is a business-critical ingredient to any workplace. Growing evidence points to the positive impact of happiness on modern organizations, including in important areas such as productivity levels, sales numbers, stock prices, and more. Enter the Chief Happiness Officer. (more)

5 mins read

David versus Goliath: How to outsmart the competition without big money

I have often been asked how I’ve managed to successfully lead a non-VC funded company to compete with the big guns like IBM and HP. The ability to not only survive but thrive in a world teeming with giants is a formidable challenge, but it is not impossible. And my biggest advice to entrepreneurs seeking to do the same is to not get distracted by factors like size or reach — rather, they should focus on creating bleeding-edge innovations with the potential to disrupt traditional business models. (more)

4 mins read