19 May, 2024

Seeking the truth in an information-saturated world

We live in an increasingly information-saturated, plugged-in world. Long gone are the days where an entire family gathers around the only television in the house to watch the 6 o’clock news. Between our 24-hour news cycle, constant push notifications on our phones and tablets, and the ever-growing presence of social media, information overload is, like it or not, part of our day-to-day lives. Therefore, the information we need to make important decisions can often be easy to find—or on the other side of the coin, that information might be obscured by misleading data, untrustworthy “news” sites, and sometimes, blatant disinformation campaigns run by organizations and governments with nefarious intent. As business leaders, it is important to be able to cut through the noise and have a good system in place to decide who to listen to and who to tune out. (more)

4 mins read

How to transform workforce diversity with AI and analytics

Four key areas of your data worth looking into for workplace diversity transformation. For decades, organizations around the world have suffered from a lack of workforce diversity in race, gender, age, and more. In America alone, men named John outnumber all women in leadership roles. (more)

4 mins read

How To supercharge operations efficiency with an enterprise virtual assistant

The average enterprise manages over 350 Terabytes of data—seven times as much as a small business. With so much data, modern enterprises should seek creative and smart ways to manage the wealth of information they collect on a daily basis, while being mindful about important factors like compliance. With the help of AI and Machine Learning, an enterprise virtual assistant can tap into enterprise data and help augment common human processes across many departments, including finance, HR, and leadership. Below is a step by step guide to optimizing your infrastructure for virtual assistants, and specific use cases. (more)

5 mins read