How to address data growth challenges with file & email archiving
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How to address data growth challenges with file & email archiving

Since the widespread adoption of the internet and cloud computing, data growth has exploded: today every 60 seconds, at least 160 million emails are sent around the world, and 1,820 Terabytes of data is created.

Left unchecked, data growth affects systems performance, but most importantly, data accessibility and the ability to comply with laws like GDPR or CCPA, because data may be too difficult to search for or access. If the organization is unable to provide customers with timely access to their data or delete it upon request, substantial government fines can occur—and internally, it is not an efficient use of resources or employees. Poor data management also negatively affects the speed and efficiency of e-discovery related inquiries, which does no help in assisting related lawsuits or investigations.

While the growth of the internet and cloud computing have contributed to data growth challenges, they also present new opportunities to manage data efficiently like never before. Long gone are the days of localized, data-specific MRP and ERP systems. With open source technologies like Hadoop and cloud platforms such as Azure, businesses are able to ingest, manage, and analyze all their data at a low cost from anywhere in the world.

SOLIXCloud is one such solution, bringing Solix’s award-winning Common Data Platform—a fully end-to-end next generation data management platform—to the cloud. Reinventing the way businesses manage their data, SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving in the cloud supports application retirement, email archiving, file archiving, and database archiving on a single platform. Offered as a fully managed software as-a-service, SOLIXCloud liberates IT from managing legacy data while reducing costs, improving data availability and compliance.

With email and files taking up a huge portion of organizations’ data—80% of all data will be unstructured by 2025—our SOLIXCloud Email Archiving and File Archiving solutions are built specifically to address these areas of data growth.

SOLIXCloud Email Archiving

Designed for both SMBs and enterprises, SOLIXCloud Email Archiving supports all major email providers including Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, and Lotus domino. All email data including large attachments is ingested into the SOLIXCloud platform, organized and classified, and then securely archived.

Role-based access tools enable relevant users to easily search for and view archived email data, as well as export it in various formats when needed. Comprehensive retention management, legal hold, and auditing features are designed to meet compliance standards.

By archiving emails to the cloud, your users and employees can continue to use email services without disruption or slowdowns, while also saving valuable storage space on your infrastructure.

SOLIXCloud File Archiving

Providing the same data ingestion, archiving, and data management features as SOLIXCloud Email Archiving, our File Archiving solution provides enterprise-scale data archiving from file servers and files shares with powerful data discovery, to find and retrieve any archived files quickly and easily.

All types of data are supported—including media, documents, PDF, and more—from a variety of sources such as FTP, SharePoint, NFS, CIFS,, NAS, and HDFS. File access and discovery are business user friendly, with full-text-search capabilities, a dedicated file explorer, and the ability to export data in various formats when needed for reporting and analysis. Powerful e-discovery and legal hold controls help provide compliance and legal professionals access to your data, to meet data requests initiated by law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

With a cloud-first approach to file archiving, SOLIXCloud offers truly enterprise-class file archiving that is fully scalable to your business’ data growth.

Both SOLIXCloud Email Archiving and File Archiving offer free 30-day, no commitment trials. To sign up, please visit the links below:

SOLIXCloud File Archiving Free 30-day Trial

SOLIXCloud Email Archiving Free 30-day Trial