20 Apr, 2024

How a private blockchain for healthcare could revolutionize the industry

With so much of patients’ data fragmented across disparate systems, especially in countries outside the US like India, the global healthcare industry is in dire need of a revolutionary electronic health record (EHR) system. Fortunately, we live in a tech-forward era that is plentiful with the resources necessary to incite change within current healthcare systems. One such technology that has the potential to revolutionize data-driven healthcare is the blockchain. (more)

3 mins read

3 Reasons why you need an enterprise data platform for GDPR

Recently, Frost & Sullivan awarded Solix with its prestigious 2018 Global Product Leadership Award. We are honored to receive this award, validating our major efforts over the last few years to create a Common Data Platform for data-driven enterprises that affordably address data management, governance, and analytics needs. (more)

3 mins read