What is File Archiving?
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What is File Archiving?

File Archiving is the practice of identifying and storing static/inactive files in low-cost, long-term secondary storage for future business, legal, or compliance purposes.

Sometimes also referred to as Unstructured Data Archiving, File Archiving has become crucial for organizations since, according to Gartner, unstructured data represents an astounding 80 to 90% of all new enterprise data, and it’s growing 3X faster than structured data.

Such rapid growth in data, when not managed, can lead to:

  • spiraling costs of primary storage & backups
  • increase in maintenance time and effort
  • data discovery and access challenges
  • non-compliance with data privacy laws
  • data loss and leakages

So, ensure your organization has a comprehensive file archiving strategy to manage this rapid growth in unstructured data.

Leveraging Cloud for File Archiving

The modern public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) has ushered in the remarkable transformation of Enterprise IT infrastructure. Of its many capabilities, cloud storage is of great relevance. It is incredibly low-cost and offers unlimited scalability with the flexible option of scaling up / down as needed and when needed.

Today, advanced Cloud Content Platforms, like SOLIXCloud ECS, leverage Cloud storage to deliver self-service, low-cost, highly secure, and compliant cloud file archiving solutions. These solutions can help automate, enforce enterprise-grade data security, retention, and provide end-users with secure 24/7 content access while delivering significant cost savings.

Key capabilities:

  • Automation for scale
  • Elastic – Ability to scale up / down as needed
  • Petabyte scale with no limits on the number of files
  • Advanced Content Discovery capabilities (Content Browser, full content search etc.)
  • Progressive Policy-based Retention management
  • Progressive Policy based Legal hold management
  • Progressive Data Classification
  • Ability to customize metadata
  • Role-based access controls
  • Data Encryption
  • SSO integration
  • Low cost
  • Ability to pay only for the storage you need
  • Data Redundancy

Simplify & Automate Cloud File Archiving with SOLIXCloud ECS

With SOLIXCloud ECS, organizations can quickly identify and archive infrequently accessed files and legacy file systems into cost-effective and secure self-service cloud repositories with real-time search and access, centralized governance, security, and compliance.

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