Solix Announces Strategic Alliance with SRA for Japanese Market

Leading information management company will provide software-as-a-service to customers across Japan with Solix Common Data Platform and SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving

November 19, 2019 — Santa Clara, Calif. — Solix Technologies, Inc., a leading big data application provider for empowering data-driven enterprises, today announced a strategic alliance with SRA (Software Research Associates) Inc., an information management services and solutions company. SRA will provide the Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) and SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving to its customers across Japan, supported by localized consulting, training, and management of services.

The Solix CDP is an award-winning big data application framework built on Apache Hadoop that helps enterprises organize, manage, and process all of their structured, semi-structured and unstructured enterprise data, for advanced analytics, compliance, infrastructure optimization, and data security. Key features of the Solix CDP include:

  • Data Fabric: Architecture and set of services that provides consistent data management throughout the data lifecycle—including data creation, ingestion, preparation, and end-of-life—integrating disparate data types from on-premise and multi-cloud environments.
  • Data Governance: A compliance framework that satisfies governance, risk, and compliance requirements, including GDPR and NIST 800. Automated and pre-built rules concerning data classification, data retention, and data sovereignty are grounded in Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) best practices.
  • Data Security: Includes the necessary tools for data encryption, role based security, data masking, and data monitoring. All data classified as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Credit Information (PCI), and Personal Health Information (PHI) is encrypted end-to-end.
  • Data Discovery: Solix data discovery relies on a centralized catalog of metadata containing database object definitions including base tables, views, and indexes. As data is replicated across multi-cloud landscapes, discovery enables data analysts, data scientists, and developers to find and visualize the data they need.

SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving is a fully-managed software-as-a-service solution built on the Solix CDP framework, enabling enterprises to strengthen their data management processes via the cloud, with the help of robust data fabric, data governance, data security, and data discovery capabilities. SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Key features of SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving include:

  • Support for databases, file servers, email, and application retirement
  • Elastic, pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  • Retention Management & Legal Hold
  • Data Governance & Auditing
  • Metadata management
  • Robust data discovery: Text Search, Query, Forms, Reports, File Explorer, and more
  • API Access

“Amid demand for responding to DX in all fields, SRA decided to propose and provide the Solix CDP to customers as a solution that supports data-driven management. We believe the Solix CDP is a cutting-edge product that realizes Enterprise Data Archiving and Enterprise Data Lake applications and its introduction will enable data-driven management,” said Makoto Ishisone, President and CEO, SRA Inc.

“Our partnership with SRA expands their portfolio by combining their innovative, leading edge technology and operations optimization solutions with Solix’s award winning Common Data Platform for cloud and advanced analytics—enabling Japanese customers to continue their journey into the digital data era with a proven advanced data platform,” said Sai Gundavelli, Founder/CEO, Solix Technologies.

To learn more about the Solix CDP, click here.

To learn more about SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving on Azure, click here.

About Solix Technologies

Solix Technologies, Inc., is a leading big data application provider that empowers data-driven enterprises with optimized infrastructure, data security and advanced analytics. Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) provides end-to-end data fabric, data governance, data security, data discovery, and a unified Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework for Enterprise Archiving and Enterprise Data Lake applications, deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or both. SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving is the world’s first archiving as-a-service solution built on the Solix CDP and hosted on Microsoft Azure, enabling enterprises to strengthen their data management processes with cloud-based Application Retirement, Email Archiving, File Archiving, and Database Archiving. Solix is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and operates worldwide through an established network of value added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators. To learn more, please visit

About SRA

SRA, Software Research Associates, was established in November, 1967 in Tokyo with six associates. It is one of the oldest independent software houses in Japan. As of March 1, 2005, SRA Inc. was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 2006, SRA changed company organization to establish SRA Holdings, Inc. as holding company and it was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our mission as SRA Group is to provide the best solution to day to day business operations and management of the customers through software information technologies. SRA’s main roles have been consultation and development of our clients’ IT systems. Today’s clients require high quality of service at low cost. They are concerned about ROI in their IT systems. Our consultants, from high level planner/designer to developer, can meet this requirement through the devoted service. We are successfully accomplishing the mission with customer satisfaction. To learn more, please visit

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