Solix Meets Forbes Marshall’s Application Performance and Data Replication Requirements

Forbes Marshall increases application performance and improves DBA productivity with Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite

Sunnyvale, California — November 7, 2007 – Solix Technologies, a leading global provider of enterprise data management solutions that helps companies meet compliance requirements and achieve Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) goals today announced that Forbes Marshall has successfully utilized Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite Solix (EDMS) to reduce the size of the database and increase the performance of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Production instance and speed up the process of creating a small-sized Test and Development instance.

Forbes Marshall, a provider of solutions in Energy, Efficiency and process automation has implemented nineteen Oracle 11i modules. The Inventory and CRM modules in particular were adding large amounts transactions data. An additional concern was the IT burden in creating the copies needed for Test and Development.

With very high dependence of ERPs for running their business operations, enterprises need to maintain the best performance of their mission critical applications while facing the inevitable explosive growth of their transaction data; and at the same time they need to ensure that their data is equally secure in their production database and the multiple non-production copies for test and development environments. Shekhar Dasgupta, President and COO of Solix Technologies, said, “Solix EDMS Database Archiving provides companies the means to optimize application performance while retaining historical data for long term retention needs. Solix EDMS Secure Test & Development helps DBAs to create rapid database subsets for test and development while secure sensitive data in these non-production copies”.

Using Solix EDMS, Forbes Marshall automated the process for archiving and purging of historical data from sixteen modules of Oracle E-Business Suite, and creates rapid and secure subsets. With implementation of Solix EDMS, Forbes Marshall benefitted from significant improvements in application performance, significant gains in DBA productivity, and faster backup and recovery.

Vijaya Kumar, CIO Forbes Marshall said, “The rapid growth of our business over the last few years required us to look for solutions for our ERP environment that would help towards greater business agility without spending a fortune on servers and storage. We selected Solix because of its architectural elegance, simplicity and its track record in customer responsiveness.”

Solix solutions enable compliance and is a foundation for E-Discovery through long term data retention, data masking, database audit and enterprise search; improves application performance and business agility through active archiving of enterprise data; improves DBA productivity, reduces storage and secures sensitive data; and help data migration for application sunsetting and upgrades.

About Solix Technologies

Solix Technologies, Inc. is a recognized global provider of enterprise data management solutions for information lifecycle management and compliance. The Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite of software enables organizations to discover, classify, and manage structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, and easily implement tiered storage strategies while securing, archiving, managing, and auditing confidential data for compliance and information governance. Solix partners with the leading application and storage providers to provide integrated solutions for today’s heterogeneous environments. With an extensive global client base, including many Fortune 500 companies, Solix is considered a pioneer in providing a complete infrastructure platform to manage data across all segments (application, e-mail, and documents) in an enterprise. For more information please visit or call 888-GO-SOLIX.

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