Solix Technologies, Inc. Announces SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI to Accelerate the Adoption of Generative AI and Machine Learning for the Enterprise

Solix Cloud Data Management Application Framework to Add Solix GPT, a Generative AI Application Trained on ‘Your’ Enterprise Data, and Solix ML, a Machine Learning Platform to Manage Projects, Workflows, and Artifacts Across the Machine Learning Lifecycle.

Santa Clara, Calif., Oct. 12, 2023: Today, Solix Technologies, Inc., the leading data fabric and cloud data management application provider, today announced SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI, a generative AI and machine learning platform with enterprise-grade security and privacy.

SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI is the latest addition to the Solix Cloud Data Management suite of applications featuring SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving, SOLIXCloud Enterprise Data Lake, SOLIXCloud Consumer Data Privacy, and SOLIXCloud Enterprise Content Services (ECS).

Because enterprise-grade data quality is essential for successful enterprise AI deployments, SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI leverages the Solix Common Data Platform (CDP) along with SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving and SOLIXCloud Enterprise Data Lake to collect, catalog, govern, prepare, pipeline, and secure data so it is ‘fit-for-use’ by machine learning and generative AI applications. SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI improves productivity and competitiveness, provides actionable insights in real-time, and makes every employee a knowledge worker.

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“In order for enterprises to accelerate their businesses, enterprises need to leverage the right data at the right time, which requires best-in-class infrastructure architecture (IA) for AI,” said Sai Gundavelli, Founder and CEO of Solix Technologies, Inc. “The Solix Common Data Platform and Solix Cloud Data Management application framework deliver an essential information architecture for enterprise AI.”

“Solix Common Data Platform, coupled with the Solix Cloud Data Management application framework equips businesses with the essential Information Architecture required for Enterprise AI” said Sai Gundavelli, Founder and CEO of Solix Technologies, Inc.

“Enterprise AI automates repetitive tasks, improves productivity, and helps employees make better decisions,” said John Ottman, Executive Chairman of Solix Technologies, Inc. “Solix GPT and Solix ML outperform other public solutions because they can be trained on your enterprise data with enterprise-grade security and privacy.”

SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI stands out with its two core components:

  • Solix GPT: an enterprise chatbot powered by the state-of-the-art Llama 2 large language model (LLM), it not only offers real-time, context-aware responses tailored for enterprise-specific needs but also empowers employees to “ask the enterprise anything.” Trained on your enterprise data, Solix GPT ensures enhanced performance, improved reasoning, and knowledge beyond most publicly available LLMs.
  • Solix ML: a machine learning (ML) platform based on MLflow. Solix ML allows for efficient deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of machine learning algorithms by managing workflows and artifacts across the machine learning lifecycle from initial model development through deployment and decommissioning.

“SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI is a multi-cloud solution based on industry leading open source platforms, including Llama 2 and MLflow,” said Kishore Gadiraju, Chief Technology Officer at Solix Technologies, Inc. “We provide pre-trained solutions and models but feature open and extensible integrations so that you can support new foundational LLMs, workflows, and tools.”

“Solix delivers a powerful data fabric for Enterprise AI,” said Robin Bloor, CEO and Founder of Bloor Research. “Enterprise AI success requires superior quality data, and the Solix Common Data Platform is a proven cloud data management solution for the enterprise.”

SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI, Solix GPT, and Solix ML are currently available in alpha release. General availability and the SOLIXCloud Enterprise AI Beta program will be announced at the SOLIXEmpower Cloud Data Management Summit in Denver, Colorado, on October 13, 2023.

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