Solix Technologies, Inc. Releases Solix Common Data Platform 3.0, a Multi-cloud, Data Fabric Solution for Advanced Cloud Data Management and Enterprise AI

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 14, 2023 – Solix Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of cloud data management solutions for data-driven enterprises, today announced significant upgrades to its flagship Solix Common Data Platform (CDP). The enhancements are in response to a rapidly shifting digital landscape where the demand has never been greater for enterprise data that is not only safe, secure, and properly governed, but also ‘fit-for-use’ by AI and advanced analytics.

In the race for digital transformation the all-new Solix CDP 3.0 is timely and caters to the critical need for safe and secure handling of enterprise data across multi-cloud environments. The platform now boasts an integrated end-to-end data fabric for advanced cloud data management applications such as enterprise archiving, enterprise data lake, consumer data privacy and enterprise AI.

Solix CDP 3.0 extends beyond conventional data management with cloud-native, W3C open architecture that leverages proven and trusted open-source solutions like Apache Spark, Apache Iceberg, MLflow, and Llama2. Solix CDP provides secure and compliant data collection, metadata management and data governance, and also features robust data discovery with text search and AI integration. Solix CDP is designed to deliver security best practices, including encryption, data masking, redaction and role-based access control over the data.

Common Data Platform for the Data-driven Enterprise

The Solix Common Data Platform provides services that support the end-to-end data fabric requirements of data-driven applications like machine learning and advanced analytics. Sai Gundavelli, CEO of Solix Technologies, Inc., underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence by highlighting four foundational pillars of the common data platform:

  • Seamless Connectivity: Collect any data from anywhere seamlessly
  • Data Governance: Federated Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) controls for data security and compliance across multi-cloud environments
  • Metadata Management: Achieve a deep understanding of your data landscape through centralized metadata management and user-friendly data catalogs featuring data lineage, data classifications, and business glossaries
  • Discovery: Empower users with advanced search, query, and reporting, including AI to quickly locate and retrieve data

Sai Gundavelli, CEO of Solix Technologies, emphasizes, “In a world driven by data, our four pillars – connectivity, data governance, metadata management, and data discovery – are crucial services driving cloud data management. Solix Common Data Platform is designed to be safe, secure and private, and to maximize the potential of generative AI and machine learning. AI redefines what’s possible, propelling businesses to the forefront, and Solix is focused on delivering the data fabric solutions needed to drive this data-centric future.”

Key Enhancements in CDP 3.0:

  • User-centric Design and Archive Innovation: Solix CDP 3.0 introduces SafeArchive, streamlining the archiving process across different data types, and a new ease-of-use interface democratizing the user experience, empowering more users with data across the enterprise.
  • Advanced Security: The new version integrates advanced security measures and performance enhancements critical for data protection and swift processing. Improved access control and audit trails ensure data security and compliance making it a robust solution for large-scale enterprises.
  • High Performance: Solix CDP supports Apache Spark and open table formats including Apache Iceberg, Apache Hudi and Delta as a way to organize data files with database features and achieve industry best TPC performance results across a wide variety of workloads using structured and unstructured data.
  • Multi-cloud and SaaS deployment: Engineered for multi-cloud environments, Solix CDP 3.0 is available for private deployment or as a cloud service simplifying complex operations for large, petabyte-scale data management.

Solix delivers cloud data management solutions to leading companies across the insurance, finance, banking, consumer, retail, industrial, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Discover more about Solix Common Data Platform 3.0 by visiting the Solix website to schedule a demo or request more information. For additional media resources, please access our press kit here.

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