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Secure Cloud Archive for Financial Information

Timely archival of critical business information such as invoices, remittances, financial reports, emails, and contracts ensures long-term and low-cost access to financial information while protecting enterprises from regulatory non-compliance and litigations. Archiving can also eliminate data security risks (leaks and loss) typically associated with retaining data in a legacy system running on outdated/unsupported technologies.

With SOLIX Cloud Archive, enterprises can reliably automate identifying and archiving critical financial information from across file and email systems to a centralized, low-cost, and secure cloud archive. With the self-service capabilities, finance and accounting teams can now archive, search, retrieve, govern, and collaborate without depending on IT Teams, thus saving valuable time for all and increasing productivity.

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Key Benefits of Solix Cloud Archive

  • Compliance Management

    Automate Archiving

    Solix Cloud Archive offers advanced self-service tools for file and email archiving, enabling enterprises to automate the identification and archiving of information from multiple repositories. Enterprises can also use the Solix APIs to integrate the archiving functionality directly into their applications to streamline further and automate archiving. Additionally, the Drag & Drop file upload feature empowers business and compliance users to add files to the cloud archive without relying on IT support.

  • 24/7 Access to Archived Data

    24/7 Access to Archived Data

    Solix Cloud Archive provides authorized business, IT, and compliance users with real-time access to archived data. Through permission-based access controls, users can securely browse and retrieve archive data using the intuitive content explorer. This explorer is further enhanced by a powerful text search feature, enabling users to efficiently scan through vast amounts of data to locate the specific files and emails they require quickly.

    The Cloud Archive also features a File viewer that supports many file formats, including office documents, .eml/MSG, CAD, DiCOM, PDF, images, and video formats, allowing users to preview files directly within the Cloud Archive interface, eliminating the need to download files. This approach enhances data discovery efficiency and minimizes unnecessary duplication. The file viewer also offers annotation and redaction capabilities, streamlining document management processes and providing additional functionality for users.

  • Secure & Reliable

    Secure & Reliable

    Solix Cloud Archive provides robust permission-based access controls and seamless integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) services, ensuring secure and controlled file access.

    Enterprises can also create user groups with specific rights and permissions (such as Finance Departments or HR) to manage access effectively.

    Additionally, data is always encrypted during transit and storage, ensuring data security. For highly regulated industries requiring enhanced data security control, ECS supports Customer Managed encryption keys. Solix has also implemented highly redundant storage mechanisms with delete protection, guaranteeing an impressive 99.9999999999 of data durability and availability for all archived data.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce Costs

    Archiving on Solix ECS is an intelligent choice for organizations of all sizes. The Solix Cloud Archive is a fully managed pay-as-you-go SaaS application hosted on Microsoft Azure. It is low-cost, elastic, highly scalable, and eliminates the need for procuring and managing costly hardware and software infrastructure. It also frees IT teams from routine maintenance, upgrade, and backup activities.

  • Ensure Compliance

    Ensure Compliance

    The Solix Cloud Archive helps organizations comply with legal and regulatory requirements while simplifying data management. Its compliance features include:

    • Secure Storage
    • Progressive ILM
    • eDiscovery & Legal Hold
    • WORM Compliance
    • Data Classification
    • Data Privacy Protection
    • Audit Trail

Secure & Enterprise Ready Platform

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Comprehensive compliance and assurance programs
  • Audit logs, data loss prevention, single sign-on and much more

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