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With the increasing adoption of digital technology in the financial services industry, customers expect seamless, omnichannel experiences all the time. However, the sheer volume of content captured and generated, the number of regulations to comply with, and the complex processes to follow make it challenging for financial institutions to deliver customer-centric digital initiatives. To address this, Solix ECS offers organizations an all-in-one content services platform on the cloud for centralized content storage, management, data security, collaboration, governance, API framework and compliance.

Solix Enterprise Content Services For Financial Institutions


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Solix Enterprise Content Services for Financial Institutions

  • Automate Lending

    Automate Lending

    Designed to securely capture, store, route, and govern loan-related documents throughout the lending lifecycle, Solix ECS can help automate the loan application, underwriting, and other lending-related processes to improve the speed and accuracy of lending decisions, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experiences. Additionally, ECS's automated data classification, retention, and legal hold capabilities help improve compliance with data regulations such as GDPR and Basel II.

  • Client Onboarding

    Client Onboarding

    A collaborative and omnichannel client onboarding experience is paramount for delivering financial services successfully to modern, digitally savvy customers. Solix ECS enables clients and internal teams to securely share and access confidential information, assign tasks, and process documents for a transparent and seamless client onboarding process.

  • Audit and Compliance

    Audit & Compliance

    With Solix ECS, financial institutions can capture, store, and manage regulatory information, such as compliance policies, audit reports, Customer KYC documents, Transaction logs, AML assessments, and reports, in a centralized and compliant cloud repository. This enables financial institutions to respond quickly to audit requests, track changes to policies and procedures, and improve overall compliance posture and readiness.

  • Fraud Investigation

    Fraud Investigation

    Solix ECS helps automate and centralize capture, storage, and management of all relevant evidence related to a fraud case for collaborative analysis by different teams and departments, such as legal, compliance, and finance, to ensure successful and timely completion of fraud investigations. Additionally, to meet regulatory and legal requirements, Solix ECS can automate the retention of all evidence and documents in immutable storage via policy-driven data retention and legal hold management.

  • Wealth Management

    Wealth Management

    Solix ECS provides wealth management firms with a centralized client document portal for capturing and managing all relevant client information, including financial statements, investment reports, and legal documents. It eliminates paper-based processes while enabling wealth managers to seamlessly collaborate with clients and analyze client data for transparent investment decisions that align with clients' goals and risk tolerance. Additionally, the audit and policy-driven data retention and legal hold capabilities of Solix ECS help wealth management firms to automate compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.

Secure, Compliant & Enterprise Ready

Secure, Compliant & Enterprise Ready

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Comprehensive compliance and assurance programs
  • Audit logs, data loss prevention, single sign-on and much more
  • aicpa certification
  • PCI DSS certification
  • HIPAA certification
  • GDPR certification
  • cybergrx certification
  • Pen Test

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