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Cloud content services can help the construction industry by providing a centralized platform for all stakeholders (clients, vendors, project managers, construction workers etc) to access and manage project documents and data in real-time, from anywhere and at any time. With features like version control, document sharing, and automated workflows, teams can collaborate seamlessly, reduce manual errors, and ensure that all parties have access to the latest project information. Additionally, cloud content services can help address legal requirements by providing secure and compliant storage of critical documents, such as contracts, permits, and compliance certifications. By leveraging SOLIX ECS - An all-in-one content services platform, construction firms can improve productivity, collaboration, reduce risk, and streamline project workflows for all stakeholders.


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Solix Enterprise Content Services for Construction Industry

  • Document Management

    Managing documents in the construction industry can be challenging as it involves multiple stakeholders, disparate applications, and a variety of specialized file formats. Solix ECS provides a comprehensive all-in-one content services solution to solve these challenges; it enables secure and seamless file sharing and collaboration between remote internal and external stakeholders, supports storage and viewing of large files, including images, videos, and CAD files, automates workflows associated with documents to streamline processes and aid project completion and finally enables governance for better compliance and risk management.

  • Risk Management

    The construction industry is prone to risks associated with bad weather, site accidents, permits, contractor disagreements, insufficient insurance, industrial disputes, etc. The threat of legal action arising from any of these means that meticulous records must be kept on the daily operations of the project. Delivery records, contractor credentials, agreements, and quotes must be stored and easy to find at a moment’s notice. Solix ECS can help by streamlining records management for all critical documents and tightening compliance tracking with reminders, thereby reducing the risk and cost of litigation and non-compliance.

  • Vendor Management

    Solix ECS can play a significant role in efficient vendor management by enabling construction companies to streamline vendor onboarding, document sharing, payment processing, supply tracking, and more. Companies can also securely manage vendor-related legal and compliance documents such as W-9 forms, vendor contracts, insurance certificates, and other compliance documents with appropriate retention management and legal holds. Further, by automating vendor onboarding and information sharing, organizations can ensure that vendors are quickly and accurately integrated into their systems, thereby reducing the time and cost involved in the procurement processes and eliminating the countless hours spent responding to vendor information requests.

  • Intelligent Content Services

    Solix ECS offers intelligent content automation capabilities to empower workgroups across an organization. With the ability to automate data extraction from invoices for faster processing, streamline employee onboarding from benefits management to paperwork completion, optimize vendor onboarding and information sharing, and set reminders for project and compliance documents, the platform provides ample opportunities for teams to automate their daily work, eliminate manual intervention, and improve productivity. By utilizing Solix ECS's intelligent content services, organizations in the construction industry can streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and reduce errors, leading to better business outcomes.

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