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Product Support

Solix ECS is designed to be a self-service platform, but having helped hundreds of global organizations manage their data, Solix recognizes the underlying complexities of enterprise data management. To help you get the most out of your Solix ECS subscription, we have put together a self-service online product help and two customer support plans.

Online Product Help

Online Product Help

Topic and use case oriented online knowledgebase enhanced by search capability to help you find answers instantly to all your queries on Solix ECS features and usage.

Online Product Help
Customer Support

Customer Support

We have a team of Enthusiastic ECS product experts and engineers available online to understand, resolve, and prevent customer issues. We have put together two support plans to help meet expectations of small and large organizations.

Standard Support

Standard Support is included in every ECS subscription. It includes active maintenance and availability of our support team during your business hours.

Email us at or login to our support portal

Premier Support

ECS Premier Services team is designed for large organizations that need 24/7 support from ECS. The Premiier support team is dedicated to provide you and your team with our popular white glove treatment, including SLAs to support your mission-critical use cases.

Compare Our Support Plans

 Standard SupportPremier Support
Hours of OperationYour Business Hours (9 AM - 5 PM)24/7/365
Guaranteed Response time SLA-Y
Uptime Guarantee & Service Credits-Y
Live Phone Support-Y
Screen Share Support-Y
Off-Hours on-call support-Y
PricingIncluded20% of ECS Subscription Fee

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