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The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant shift in consumer behavior and expectations, particularly in the global insurance industry. Customers now expect seamless omnichannel digital experiences from their insurers. However, the massive explosion in digital content, document-centric processes, processes involving multiple internal and third-party stakeholders, and complex regulations, have proven daunting for insurance companies. Solix ECS can help by optimizing the management of large volumes of content, empowering all stakeholders with secure collaboration, and automating content-related processes, all while keeping data security and compliance at its core.


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Solix Enterprise Content Services for Insurance Industry

  • Claims Management & Processing

    Solix ECS helps automate and streamline claims processing by enabling capture and management of claims-related documents and data, such as accident reports, images, videos, medical records, and policy information in a central secure content repository. This data can be easily accessed and shared across employees, agents, adjusters, customers and even with applications to enable seamless collaboration and transparent claims processing. Solix ECS can also help automate tasks such as data collection from clients, data extraction from documents, classification of documents, and routing of documents for improved speed and accuracy of claims processing.

  • Agency Management

    Agents and brokers are essential for insurance companies to generate new business, but managing these channel relationships at scale can be complex, resource-intensive, and time-consuming. It involves various administrative responsibilities, such as contract management, training, licensing, appointments, records management, etc., that must be revisited yearly. Solix ECS can help insurance companies by enabling them to optimize these processes at scale and enhance their engagement with agencies for improved productivity. Amongst the many capabilities, the secure and compliant ECS platform includes centrally managed agency accounts to automate the dissemination of information, improve collaboration, and notify agents and brokers of important dates and renewal cycles to ensure timely action.

  • Legal and Compliance Management

    Solix ECS helps insurance companies improve their legal and compliance posture with centralized records management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced data security. It enables insurance companies to securely store all relevant documents, such as policy and claims documentation, agency contracts, and email communication, in accordance with retention and disposition policies to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Additionally, the improved data security helps protect sensitive PII information from unauthorized access, helping comply with data privacy laws and reducing the risk of legal repercussions. Finally, the streamlined workflows with audit tracking help not only automate document workflows but also create a defensible and transparent record of critical processes for legal and compliance processes.

  • Fraud Investigation

    Solix ECS helps automate and centralize capture, storage, and management of all relevant evidence related to a fraud case for collaborative case analysis by different teams and departments, such as legal, compliance, and finance, to ensure successful and timely completion of fraud investigations. Additionally, to meet regulatory and legal requirements, Solix ECS can automate the retention of all evidence and documents in immutable storage via policy-driven data retention and legal hold management.

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  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Comprehensive compliance and assurance programs
  • Audit logs, data loss prevention, single sign-on and much more

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