Simplify and Automate Data Ingestion

The Solix Common Data Platform (Solix CDP) Object Workbench simplifies and automates the time-consuming data ingestion and ETL from any and all sources present across your enterprise IT landscape. It provides an easy-to-use visual configurator that can help you quickly, and efficiently connect to a variety of data sources to extract and onboard data into Solix CDP. You can either transform the data during ingest (ETL) or store it ‘as is’ so you can perform transformations later (ELT), based on your evolving needs. It even automates the capture of metadata and lineage of all data ingested and makes it available across the platform for smarter data management and consumption.

Solix Common Data Platform - Object Workbench

Data Ingestion Capabilities

  • Comprehensive & Extensible Connector Framework

    Solix Object Workbench features inbuilt connectors to popular enterprise data sources including ERP applications, SQL databases, NoSQL databases, SaaS applications, mainframes, file systems, email systems, data warehouses, social media and more. Additionally, it allows you to extend the connector framework with your own connectors.

  • Uncomplicate and Automate Data Ingestion & Integration

    The visual configurator simplifies the time-consuming data ingestion and integration by eliminating the need for coding. It lets you drag and drop - sources, transformations, sinks and much more to build repeatable data workflows. The scheduler and the CLI features let you automate these workflows.

  • Build Enterprise Business Records (EBRs)

    An EBR is a denormalized, comprehensive, point-in-time snapshot of a business transaction, which may include structured and unstructured data elements. Building EBRs greatly help with analytics and data access for archived or retired applications. The Solix Object Workbench helps model, ingest and manage EBR data through a drag and drop interface and store it in Hadoop optimized file format that is fully accessible for text search or structured query.

  • Copy, Move, ETL or ELT

    Solix Object Workbench is the only connector framework in the industry that offers both Copy and Move functionality to meet the unique enterprise data management needs. One can ingest massive volumes of data in a raw format or perform complex ETL / ELT to quickly make the data ‘consumption ready’. It supports streaming and batch ingestion. Further, the inbuilt data validations mechanism ensures error-free ingestion.

  • Automated Capture of Metadata & Lineage

    Now you can ingest data in petabytes from a variety of sources without having to fret about manually capturing metadata (technical & business) and lineage information. Solix Object Workbench automates it for you and makes it available across the Solix CDP. The workbench also allows for custom metadata tagging and classification.

  • Virtual Printer

    The virtual printer allows you to capture print stream output from any application and store it in a .pdf format for future role-based access. This unique functionality helps in multiple use cases such as data archiving and application retirement wherein you can print key report outputs for future access.


  • Automate metadata management
  • Enable better identification & organization of data at scale
  • Standardize quality and meaning of data
  • Get a single pane of glass view of the complete enterprise data landscape
  • Enable better governance and risk control
  • Enable quick discovery and usage of data
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