Solix Enterprise Archiving
Data growth impacts application performance

Your business depends on data, but exponential data growth can drive infrastructure costs up while diminishing the performance and availability of production systems. Application performance decays when core systems are forced to process too much data. And governance, risk and compliance concerns grow as well, since critical IT processes are often unable to scale to meet data growth challenges.

Demand for enterprise analytics and data warehouse applications is also growing as well. Since low cost, bulk data storage solutions with powerful analytics have become available on Apache Hadoop, organizations are seeking better ways to mine enterprise data for business value and competitive advantage.

Increase performance, reduce costs and meet compliance objectives

As up to 80 percent of data of production data used by core applications is inactive, data archiving has emerged as an Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) best practice to meet data growth challenges. Solix Enterprise Archiving and application retirement improves production application performance and reduces infrastructure costs. Enterprise application data running online is first moved, and then purged from its source location according to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) policies to reduce the amount of data processed by production applications and networks.

Data archiving best practice requires that MOVE and PURGE processes be coordinated and validated. Solix Enterprise Archiving ensures proper data governance since enterprise data is ingested and stored based on ILM retention policies and business rules. Archive data is classified for security and compliance requirements such as legal hold, and universal access is provided for business users through structured reports and full text search for business objects.

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