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What is GDPR?

On 25 May 2018, the European Union (EU) brought into force the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation aims to put EU residents in control of their personal information. It regulates how information of EU residents is collected, stored, used, processed, transferred and deleted by an organization. Non-compliance can result in fines of up to 4% of the company’s global annual turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher. Companies are also worried about the impact non-compliance could have on their brand image, especially if and when a compliance failure is made public. This makes developing a holistic plan to comply with GDPR critical for all organizations.

A recent report on GDPR compliance says that, 86% of organizations worldwide are concerned that a failure to adhere to the GDPR could have a major negative impact on their business.

Solix Can Help Accelerate and Sustain GDPR Compliance

Thanks to digital transformation initiatives, even traditional organizations have begun to experience an explosion of data in various forms and frequency. While this data is a treasure trove of insights, it has also exposed organizations to data breaches and compliance nightmares.

For over a decade, Solix has been helping global businesses from across industry verticals better organize their enterprise information for optimized infrastructure, data security, advanced analytics, and compliance. Solix understands the complexity involved in complying with GDPR and has the required expertise and software to help organizations design and implement a sustainable GDPR compliance strategy. Solix does this through two mutually independent offerings:

Solix GDPR Solution Summary

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Solutions and Services for GDPR

Application Retirement

Solix GDPR Readiness Assessment

The Solix GDPR Readiness Assessment provides an in-depth assessment of your organization’s data practices including data collection, access, usage, processing, retention, protection, and deletion. It provides risk and remediation-focused insights, and actionable guidance for your data policies, procedures, and practices. This deep dive into your organization's data environment will provide an action plan to not only address GDPR, but strengthen your overall Information Governance approach.

  • Information Governance Maturity Rating
  • GDPR-Specific Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Inputs into the GDPR Business Case / ROI Model
  • Approach to enabling GDPR compliance
Database Archiving

Solix Common Data Platform

The Solix Common Data Platform (Solix CDP) is a highly scalable and robust next-generation big data management platform that features uniform data collection, metadata management, data governance, ILM, data security, data discovery, and a full set of interfaces to support plug-and-play stack creation and modernization. Now with its enhanced capabilities for GDPR compliance, Solix CDP accelerates GDPR compliance and helps sustain it even in the most complex and demanding data environments.

  • Discover & Report PII: Identify personal data and its location
  • Data as a Service: Centralize data access for all non-production data access & processing
  • Data Archiving & Application Retirement: Move archives & backups under ILM
  • Govern PII Data Usage & Access: Enable role-based access to PII data
  • Data Protection: Anonymize or Encrypt data as needed
  • Manage Data Retention and Deletion: Manage data retention and deletion based on consent & Right to be forgotten
  • Full Audit Trail & Reports: Comprehensive reports on all user activities related to PII data
  • Process automation & Notifications: Automate PII discovery, protection, Retention with timely notifications
Database Archiving

Key Benefits

  • Assess GDPR readiness
  • Easily Discover & Report PII
  • Automate compliance with Retention, Classification, and Masking
  • Single pane of glass view of complete Enterprise Data Landscape
  • Govern & Protect PII
  • Show proof of compliance with comprehensive GDPR reports

Secure and Compliant Cloud Data Management

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