Solix Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The drive toward patient-centric care and accountability has increased pressure on all healthcare stakeholders — pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers, care providers and insurers. The U.S. Accountable Care Act’s staggered roll out continues to add regulatory mandates to the mix.

Each segment of the healthcare industry has its own unique challenges to face. Yet, all healthcare organizations must find a way to reduce expenses in non-patient related areas and develop new models for delivering patient-centric services.

Mounting regulations and patient demand are forcing the healthcare industry to invest heavily in IT. However, a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management framework can rein in those costs and ensure government watchdogs find the compliance and accountability now mandated by law.

Database Archiving

Data growth impacts application performance, increases costs and creates compliance concerns. With each new transaction inactive data grows putting more pressure on application performance and availability. Operations and compliance concerns may arise, and batch jobs, data replication and disaster recovery all run slower making online users wait longer. Extended outages must also be planned to convert legacy data to the new release during upgrade cycles.

Solix Database Archiving solutions MOVE less frequently accessed data to a separate database for end user access, and then PURGE the production database to reduce overall data volume. By reducing the size of the database application performance and availability is improved. Healthcare industry organizations can also save 20 to 50%. On infrastructure costs since archived data does not need to reside on Tier 1 storage.

Application Retirement

With a need to invest in new technology many healthcare organizations may find their application portfolio has candidates for Application Retirement or decommissioning. Older legacy systems are often left running well after they are removed from production service only to maintain end user access to the data. Obsolete, duplicate, and unused applications are a big drain on IT budgets, and retiring these applications can pay tremendous dividends by freeing staff, reducing license and maintenance fees, and lowering power cost.

Many data center consolidation projects are launched to rationalize application portfolios. Gartner estimates that 10% of applications running in an un-optimized portfolio are candidates for retirement and an additional one-third should be migrated or rationalized.

Test Data Management

Accurate test data improves application development quality, which is why the most demanding application development teams require that their test data be populated from production databases. As a result it is not unusual for a Test Data Management (TDM) program to maintain multiple full clones of the production database for use as test and development instances. Because so many organizations clone production data to populate their test environments, creating test data is time consuming, costly and may expose an organization to compliance issues.

Solix EDMS Test Data Management automates the creation and management of database subsets and clones based on organization-defined business rules. Solix EDMS Test Data Management creates syntactically correct subsets of production data for the most realistic testing possible. Instead of creating full-sized database clones, subsets provide accurate application testing results while saving time and reducing data storage costs up to 70%.

Data Masking

As a security best-practice data masking protects sensitive non-production data which is often exposed in training, testing, development and offshore environments. Because it de-identifies or scrambles sensitive data with fictionalized, but syntactically correct substitute data, developers and testers maintain necessary realism and sensitive data is properly secured.

Masking sensitive test data is not a choice; it’s a compliance requirement. Solix EDMS Standard Edition Data Masking is a free download that makes adhering to the Protected Health Information (PHI) guidelines easier.


Solix EDMS Database Archiving is a key module in the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite (EDMS)


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