20 Apr, 2024

Strategies for Modernizing Legacy Systems: A Step-by-Step Guide

The need for agility and innovation has never been greater in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. However, many organizations find themselves hamstrung by legacy systems, which can be costly to maintain, inflexible, and ill-suited to meet the demands of modern business. The solution? Modernizing legacy systems. This comprehensive guide will provide businesses with a practical […]

5 mins read

Legacy Application Retirement: Mitigating Security Risks and Compliance Challenges

In today’s digitally connected world, organizations face ever-increasing threats to their data security and an ever-evolving landscape of regulatory requirements. Amidst these challenges, legacy applications—outdated software systems—pose a significant risk. These systems are often riddled with security vulnerabilities, leading to compliance headaches. This comprehensive blog will dive into the security and compliance risks associated with […]

6 mins read

Mainframe Modernization: Why Do You Need It? And How Can Archiving Legacy Mainframe Applications Help?

The advancements in cloud, web technologies, and application architectures have ushered in a new era focused on the end users—the decentralized potential of this new computing technology advances us leaps and bounds beyond the capabilities of archaic legacy mainframe applications. But despite this, mainframe computing persists to this day. In fact, one recent IBM survey found 71% of executives say mainframe-based applications are central to their business strategy. (more)

7 mins read

Solix Technologies, Inc. Announces Strong Customer Momentum for SOLIXCloud Enterprise Archiving Solution; Named a Visionary in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Information Archiving

Solix Technologies Inc., has been named “Visionary” in Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving. We believe this positioning by Gartner reflects Solix’s ability to deliver on its vision of an all encompassing enterprise information archiving solution supporting structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. (more)

2 mins read

Beyond the Cost Savings of Application Decommissioning: Improved Efficiency

As organizations embrace newer, better technologies, the older applications have a tendency to pile up in the corner of the data center. This inefficiency is made worse as companies are acquired and transitioned onto the company standard applications. Eventually, they become costly to manage due to support fees for both software and hardware, data center charges, labor costs for application maintenance and backups, and labor costs for application support. However, the data contained within these inactive applications is still very important, so it must be stored somewhere. (more)

3 mins read