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Date: December 18, 2025

My alarm woke me up half hour early. Overnight the predicted snow storm worsened and the clock knew I would face delays and need the extra time. I showered and found my coffee hot and waiting. It had been alerted by the clock that I would be awake earlier than usual. Ready for the day, I stepped out my door and found my car idling and heated, it too aware of the dropping temperatures and my need to leave early.

The car began driving itself to my office as I prepared for my day. A short time into the drive, the car was alerted of an accident along our route and found an alternative, stopping at a gas station on the way to ensure it had enough fuel for our longer journey. Sensing the detour and storm would mean my late arrival, the car sent a message to the office notifying my first appointment of the delay and adjusting all the subsequent meetings accordingly. Dropping me off at my office, the car drove away to park itself. I approached my office door and it opened for me after scanning my face to ensure my identity. As I entered, the office was heated perfectly, also having been alerted to the storm outside.

Later that afternoon, I get out for a break; my phone immediately connects me with my Doctor. My glasses, which monitor my health, knew that my cholesterol shot up and I need medical attention. I’m advised to avoid shrimp, which my glasses alerted based on my last night dinner. I then receive a call from my Municipality. They call to inform me, a tree at my home should be cut. A sensor on the tree has alerted them that the heavy snow and winds may knock the tree down, causing it to fall on my home. I give permission for the work and quickly grab my tablet to turn off my utilities, reducing the potential hazards to the workers.

Around evening, receive a Skype call from my family. My kids are vacationing on Mars planet and heard about the poor weather back home. As we talk, a jolt makes me jump from my chair, and I realize Iā€™m not in my office of the future, but having a dream, my children laughing and shouting for me to wake up.

It might have been a dream for the moment, but the reality, this is the kind of world we might be moving towards. Companies like Cisco and Google are talking about the “Internet of Things.” Cisco’s John Chambers predicts the Internet of Things ā€” a term for connected sensors, devices and objects ā€” will become a $19 trillion market over the next several years. We will see a connected world that can dramatically improve our productivity and even increase our lifespan to few hundred years. Enterprise will be also be even more automated and connected, from the structure of the building, to the offices, work stations, data centers, health care of the employees and much more. And, all of this means more data.

Data will drive the Internet of Things. It will be the backbone of our future. For us, this is a good thing. Data management will need to be robust for enterprises to perform at its best, and tools like Solix EDMS will be indispensable.

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