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Data Today and Data Then

The world is becoming data driven. The other day I read about a first class passenger on a major airline tweeting about bad food he’d been served. This person was an important customer – a frequent flier with a large Twitter following. So this was exactly the kind of publicity that a company does not want. Fortunately the airline monitored tweets in real time, and the team immediately alerted the cabin crew on the airplane, who spent the flight pampering this passenger. By the time he landed he was so pleased that he tweeted that it was the best flight he’d ever taken. Not only had the airline kept the customer, it had turned around a publicity problem that threatened to hurt its reputation.

I was talking recently to the CIO of a large retail home improvement services company with 8,000 field service agents. The company tracks the routing of its delivery trucks for route optimization, they now want capture data from mobile phone to analyze how long each service person spends with each customer. They want to correlate the same with customer feedback and see how customer retention is being impacted.

One of the largest security issues of any company is internal espionage by employees. One of our customer, semiconductor company that monitors when employees go in and out of the office, what they print on company printers, and what data and applications they access. It analyzes this combined data to identify suspicious activity.

The point is, Enterprise data foot print is expanding, it is no longer ERP, CRM, Supply Chain and other traditional systems of record. It is streaming past on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms and generated by devices ranging from Fitbits, smartphones to sensors. There are new kinds of data from new sources and need for real time analysis to discover both potential problems and opportunities. Capturing and analyzing all this data to extract knowledge requires a scalable platform that supports all three “V”s – volume, velocity and variety of data types, at the lowest cost.

The answer to this is the Solix Big Data Suite. This includes Solix Enterprise Archive and Solix Enterprise Data Lake on top of Hadoop. If you want to discuss how your company can leverage Big Data for business advantage – Optimized infrastructure, Data Security and Advanced Analytics platform, call us.

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