Announcing FREE Solix EDMS Data Masking (Standard Edition)

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According to Gartner Fellow and VP Joseph Feiman, static data-masking market has reached the midpoint of maturity, while the technology is mature, adoption lags.

Why, while most Enterprises recognize the value of data-masking technologies that it prevents security and privacy breaches and in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements for data protection, most end up in a dilemma whether to buy off the shelf Software solution or invest in Custom Built Solution. We believe, this is partly because that most companies view data masking as a simple process that can be accomplished through simple scripts and then end up doing nothing. In this brief video, Feiman points out that data masking is an organization’s chief tool for protecting highly sensitive data from improper access and use by authorized users such as software development and test team members and is a very critical tool to protect vital data at rest from both external and internal attacks.

We are offering this FREE Solix EDMS Data Masking (Standard Edition) because we believe that once enterprises start using this data masking tool in a few applications they will realize its value for data security and compliance, and their needs will quickly grow for Solix EDMS Enterprise Edition.

Data Breaches are continuing to rise, some noteworthy this year in Health Care sector, Utah Department of Health, Emory Healthcare, South Carolina Department of Health, Howard University Hospital and St. Joseph Health System. Recently, with our partner Allen Systems Group (ASG), we put together a webinar targeting Health Care SectorData breach announcements in the Healthcare Industry are commonplace. Is your organization prepared?

On another note, our partner Wipro has now archived approximately 15 Billion transactional business objects from a CRM and Billing application for a telecom giant using Solix EDMS Database Archiving. We have long argued that many enterprise production databases are clogged with huge amounts of historic, inactive data that costs the enterprise money and kills application performance. This figure provides evidence of just how valuable Solix EDMS can be for companies – imagine the ROI in backup/recovery and primary storage cost savings this company has achieved through Solix EDMS. And then add the potential savings from preventing potential theft of sensitive, private data through Solix EDMS data masking. This adds up to one inevitable business conclusion – if your company is still on the fence on Information lifecycle management tools, it is time to jump to Solix EDMS.

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