The BRICs Decade

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According to Goldman Sachs, over last decade the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India & China) made their mark on the global economic landscape, accounting for more than a third of world GDP growth. In the process their economies have grown from one-sixth to almost a quarter of the world economy. And this may only be the start. In “Dreaming with BRICs: The Path to 2050″, Goldman predicts that these four rising economic powerhouses will continue their strong growth and their combined economic wealth will exceed that of the G6 (U.S., U.K., Italy, France, Germany and Japan) by year 2040.

We have been working on expanding our footprint to BRIC nations and Japan. Our goal was to access second and third largest economies of the world, besides the fastest growing nations. As part of that effort, I happened to meet Merrily Kautt, who teaches at the University of Colorado-Denver Business School. She was looking for a real-life business research project for one of her International Marketing classes. We were happy to accept when she offered to have her class research on how to expand the Solix footprint to China and Japan. The result was an impressive report combining social, cultural, political, and historical aspects of these countries, culminating in practical guidance on how to do business with them. The students did an excellent presentation to our senior management, which among other things convinced us to hire two of them for our business development team.

This research also contributed to the launch of our operations in China ( last month with the opening of a Chinese support center. At the same time, we acquired our first Japanese customer through one of our global partner, the kind of expansion we always wanted.

If you are a SI/Reseller with infrastructure offering in growing economies, partner with us. According to Gartner, Enterprise information archiving (EIA) will become a key infrastructure component for Enterprises by 2013. Our partner programs are designed to help you extend your business to this high growth market.

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