Solix ExAPPS – Industry’s First Application Retirement Appliance

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With U.S. unemployment at 10%, and another 6% under-employed in part time jobs, plus another 9% who have moved overseas (many back to their home countries), we continue to be in a tough economy. But people and businesses are slowly regaining confidence in the stability of the economy. While there is evidence that IT budgets will increase this year over last, IT needs to be careful about every penny it spends.

One of the biggest drains on IT budgets is the class of obsolescent, duplicate, and unneeded applications that remain running in many data centers. Gartner, for instance, estimates that 10% of applications in un-optimized data centers are eligible for retirement. Retiring these apps can pay tremendous dividends both in savings, by freeing staff for more important assignments, eliminating licensing and maintenance fees, and freeing servers and storage systems either for reassignment or retirement, and by making room for better, more modern replacement.

Typically this has been addressed by SI or ILM vendors who specialize in the vagaries of decommissioning legacy applications and systems. Their value proposition is based on software/services that enable enterprises to continue to have access to historical or decommissioned data without having to incur the expenses of licensing, running and supporting the legacy application or system, including Cloud computing alternatives where appropriate. The data management side of application retirement is a complex issue that can turn a retirement into an expensive consulting project. One problem has been that few comprehensive tool sets have been available until recently, and most of those have been designed to support consultants rather than to automate full retirement processes. Cloud offering, hasn’t yet been a successful delivery model, as many are still hesitant because of the security and privacy concerns.

About a year back, we decided to explore Appliance as a deployment option because of the positive impact it can have on implementation times, costs, return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). Our goal – Enable Application Retirement with least risk and a rapid return on investment (ROI) and simplify the decision making process for customer. Well, here we are with our product  Solix ExAPPS, Industry’s first Application Retirement Appliance – an integrated set of hardware, storage and software components – Database with Massive Compression capabilities (almost 90% data compression), Application Server and pre-configured Application Retirement engine while providing data access to standard Reporting Tools – all bundled into a single device. Customers can plug Solix ExAPPS into a network port and power it up to have industry’s first and only pre-configured Application Retirement solution.

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Finally, let me wish you a belated but heart-felt Happy New Year with the hope that Solix can help you achieve your business goals for the years ahead…

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