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With the New Year, I want to wish everyone and especially our friends, customers, partners, and staff, a happy and bountiful 2015. For Solix Technologies 2014 was an incredible growth year with the launch of the Kronos/ADP OEM, being named one of the leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant – Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement, and finally the launch of the Solix Big Data Suite.

This promises to be an even more exciting year for many of us involved in Big Data, as many companies that have been doing proof-of-concept and developing basic skills with Hadoop and other new data tools move to full-scale production Big Data implementations. This, however, is not without its challenges, and many CIOs start the year caught in the middle between demands for greater operational efficiencies and cost control and the push to implement these new Big Data technologies, many of them not completely mature, in a production environment. Hadoop makes it easy and inexpensive to capture very large amounts of data of virtually any type. To get value from the data, companies need to organize and analyze it to answer the questions that can guide the business.

Solix Technologies has the answers to the problems of deriving value from large volumes of data, whether that is traditional structured, unstructured, semi-structured data types. Running on top of Apache Hadoop and taking full advantage of Hadoop’s capabilities, the Solix Big Data Suite empowers enhanced business intelligence (BI) while providing operational efficiency, including ETL and ELT processes and selective archiving of data to meet compliance and internal needs. Our value proposition can simplify infrastructure and reduce infrastructure costs, support enterprise analytics that go beyond traditional BI.

The Solix Big Data Suite delivers a new enterprise blueprint to help CIOs control infrastructure costs while providing next-generation BI tools that give business users direct access to interactive data analysis. This allows business users to pursue lines of inquiry wherever they may lead to discover insights and opportunities that can drive business growth. The Suite brings the first true information lifecycle management (ILM) environment to Big Data in Apache Hadoop. Gartner has rated Solix Technologies among the leaders in its Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement Magic Quadrant. To learn more, download this Gartner Newsletter – “The New Enterprise Blueprint” which includes the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and contact us for a discussion on how Solix can help Capture, Organize and Analyze all Enterprise Data.

We have an exciting journey ahead of us, potential to help Enterprises adopt Apache Hadoop and reinvent themselves. We wish our customers and partners the very best for 2015.

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