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The latest report by Gartner indicates that ILM market has established credibility and has reached its launch pad and is beginning to take off. We are happy to note that our market share had indeed doubled since the last Gartner report. The growth we are seeing since 2004 when Solix EDMS was initially launched, is quite spectacular. All signs indicate that the market is primed for the hockey stick growth.

  • Best estimates are that all ILM vendors together have captured less than 1% of the worldwide market and databases are growing in number and size. The opportunity for all data management vendors, therefore, is huge and growing.
  • Software vendors are stopping development of application-specific data management solutions as their customers are rejecting in favor of a strategy of having a single data management tool set that works across all applications, operating systems and databases across the Enterprise.

The economy, however, is having a major effect on this otherwise optimistic situation. While prospects are very interested in the ILM product and in theory have the budget to buy, often they are having problems getting that money released as companies are deferring their spending.

However, the new economy demands new strategies. We have been experimenting on around a new pay-as-you-go, pricing model designed to help prospects get our tools without having to fund the full licensing cost up front. The results are indeed encouraging. The disadvantage of this is that we only realize part of the income from each sale up front, with the rest coming in over the term of the agreement. While this hurts our immediate revenues, this can be very beneficial to prospects who are looking to acquire the solution but unable to because of tight economic conditions.

None of us know how bad the present recession will last. But it is comforting to realize that even in the worst worldwide depression of modern history, the Great Depression of the 1930s, companies that are innovative not only survived but prospered. Solix will now be the first vendor in ILM space to offer subscription based pricing. We can now say to organizations who need Enterprise data management tools but are having problems getting the budget allocated to buy the product outright, “Talk to us. We have the flexible pricing plan to help you.”

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