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Earlier this year, we moved our office to a new location. The move was painful. We realized just how much stuff we had accumulated over years, including many things we never use but were sitting around, collecting dust. We had to look at every piece of furniture, every server, every software CD, and decide whether we need it. The best part of that exercise was that we used it to teach our non-technical staff about database archiving and application retirement and how we do a similar exercise for data centers and applications.

Having gotten through the move, the year seems very encouraging. We are feeling good vibrations from multiple indicators, about an economic resurgence. We also started the year very well, announcing Solix EDMS SE – Data Validation.

I love this tool. It provides tremendous value to DBAs and application owners. Data is always moving. Think of Big Data, Cloud, Data warehousing, Application Upgrades, Migrations, Hardware Upgrades, Application Backups – you are constantly moving data. How do you ensure that the data has indeed moved correctly, and how do you automate the process of comparing a copy of a data set with the original to determine the accuracy of the copy?

Invalidated or poorly validated data is a huge issue. Imagine the inaccuracies in your analytical reporting and the decisions based on that. Imagine a disaster situation leaving you trying to recover your core database from the backup and realizing that that backup is incomplete or garbled. The impact on the organization could be enormous.

Data validation is the first step in assessing data quality, an analytic and domain-specific process to determine the quality of the data set. In general, IT departments handle this with custom scripts and custom programming. The news, with our new announcement is, you no longer need that. Check out Solix EDMS SE This is a FREE tool that you can download now and start using across your enterprise today.

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