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While big data comes with big promises, it needs smart and highly scalable tools to discover value from it. The tools need to be efficient and serve the unique and varying data access needs of business users and data analysts alike. Traditionally, the solution is to introduce multiple complex data access and processing tools. However, this creates a daunting challenge for IT teams as it can result in bloated IT budgets, incohesive IT environment and derailed data governance.

The Solix CDP’s Analyst Workbench truly understands the challenge and provides a unified, and well governed data access and processing platform that fulfills the varying data access needs of an enterprise without compromising on data governance. The Analyst Workbench provides simple text search, custom forms and reports for business users. Advanced data profiling and preparation capabilities for data analysts, and a secure API for external data access. All featured within the required well governed framework for discovering the value of data faster.

Solix Common Data Platform - Governance Workbench
  • Full Text Search

    This simple yet amazingly powerful feature allows business users access to data through an intuitive google like text search interface. Users need not have any prior knowledge of data models and are not required to build any queries.

  • Custom Forms & Reports

    Provides the ability to create forms and reports, which are similar to the original application from where data was archived/retired. This creates a familiar environment for business users, thus eliminating any inertia from business users over implementing data archiving or application retirement initiatives.

  • Query Builder

    For use cases that require fixed format report to be run by multiple users on a repeated basis, Solix provides an intuitive query builder. Queries can be built, saved and reused using a graphical interface without having to know how to write SQL. It also provides the ability to apply a variety of formatting options to report output. The report can be outputted directly as an excel or PDF file.

  • Third Party BI tools

    Users who wish to leverage reports built using 3rd party BI tools can now do so using the secure data access provided by Solix CDP API. This ensures secure, role-based and time bound data access to these tools and seamless report access for business users.

  • Quickly Discover and Profile Data

    Analysts can now quickly find all the data assets available using the role-based search capabilities. They can quickly find a data asset, view its metadata, visualize the data contained in it and identify any data quality issues. This helps analysts find the right data assets for their analysis quickly.

  • Data Preparation On The Fast Track

    Forrester Research reports that up to 80% of an analyst’s time is spent on data preparation and 20% on actual analysis. Solix’s drag-and-drop interface for data preparation, tilts the scale in favor of analysis by greatly reducing the time for data prep. It features a full set of profiling, transformation and blending capabilities that can be applied with a click-and-drag to quickly get from raw data to analytics ready data. Zero coding required.

  • Virtual Projects and Data Virtualization

    Unnecessary copies and duplication of data can result in a governance nightmare. Solix helps solve this through virtual projects and data virtualization. Analysts can virtually add data assets to multiple projects without making a copy or impacting the original data. Further, they can create analytics ready data available for downstream analytics through data virtualization.

  • Integrated Governance

    Ensuring secure data access is a key capability of Solix CDP. With ability to configure Kerberos, AD/LDAP/SSO, Solix CDP provides users with privilege based granular role based access at a dataset/row/column/file level. The data encryption and masking further ensures critical data is secure while providing seamless and consistent data access.

  • Cleanse Data for Reliable Insights

    We know good analysts rely on clean data. The Analyst Workbench simplifies the overwhelming task of data cleansing through its visual data profiler and user friendly excel like interface. Analysts can intuitively find data issues (anomalies, invalid data, missing data and more) and quickly fix them at scale with a few clicks.

  • Automate & Repeat

    Once the data has been cleansed and prepared by the analyst to meet the business needs, the job can now be applied on operational data in a repeatable manner. The analyst can use the scheduler and the CLI features to schedule and operationalize them effortlessly into production. This reduces the repeat time spent on data cleansing and preparation.

  • Inbuilt Dashboard & Reporting

    Analysts can quickly create their own dashboards using the drag-and-drop interface and the powerful yet friendly query builder. These dashboards serve the purpose of quick analysis and reporting and can be shared with other users across the organization.

  • Data Access for 3rd Party tools & App Development

    Solix understands the need for breaking the barriers surrounding data usage without compromising on data security. It offers a well governed secure CDP API, which makes data available to third party applications, and inhouse applications, while ensuring access is defined and restricted based on privilege, use case and time period.


  • Universal data access for business users and data analysts
  • Advanced data discovery & data profiling
  • Data virtualization
  • Inbuilt BI & reporting
  • Data access for analytic app development
  • Integrated data governance
  • Self-Service data preparation
  • Automation
  • Integration with 3rd party BI & analytic tools
  • Big Data Scale
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