End-End Metadata Management for Uniform Data Experience and better Data Governance

As organizations increasingly rely on enabling self-serve data access to their business users and data analysts, pressures arise to ensure quick discoverability, quality, consistent understanding and security of data. In this scenario, metadata management assumes a pivotal role. Unfortunately, effective metadata management has become quite a challenge considering organizations are dealing with petabytes of structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of applications and sources.

Solix CDP addresses this challenge effectively through its end-end metadata management framework. It automatically captures metadata and lineage of all enterprise data in a central metadata repository and makes it available across the Solix platform for enabling efficient data ingestion, data governance, data discovery and consumption. Additionally, the metadata framework features advanced capabilities such as at scale custom metadata tagging, policy-based data classification, and the addition of business glossaries.

Solix CDP - Metadata Framework

Metadata Framework Capabilities

  • Central Metadata Repository & Management

    Solix CDP automatically captures and stores metadata along with lineage information of all enterprise data in a central metadata repository. This data is made securely available across the platform for enhanced data ingestion, data governance, data discovery, and analysis. The metadata manager also monitors for any changes in metadata at the source and keeps the metadata repository always up to date.

  • Automated Data Classification

    Without proper data classification, security and governance teams cannot institute proper controls or get visibility into risks. Solix metadata framework helps automate the identification and classification of critical data based on metadata and its content. It can perform classification on structured, and unstructured, data as it lands in the common data repository.

  • Custom Metadata Tagging

    Metadata tagging helps identify, organize and extract value out of the massive volume of structured and unstructured data ingested into the common data platform. The Solix Metadata Framework enables data stewards to automate the tagging, or manually enter tags, to better describe the metadata and the data itself thereby, helping with efficient discovery, classification, governance, and consumption of data.

  • Business Glossary

    Often data can be misinterpreted by business users as it could have been represented in different ways in different applications. The business glossary feature lets data stewards add the required business context to the metadata to enable meaningful discovery and standardized usage of data across the organization. This greatly enhances the organization’s ability to offer self-service data consumption.


  • Automate metadata management
  • Enable better identification & organization of data at scale
  • Standardize quality and meaning of data
  • Get a single pane of glass view of the complete enterprise data landscape
  • Enable better governance and risk control
  • Enable quick discovery and usage of data
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