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Solix EDMS Data Masking

Data breaches continue to make headlines
Policies alone cannot protect companies and their customers from cyber criminals, a careless contractor or even a well-meaning employee. Full protection requires robust technology.

Stolen data can result in significant legal fees, loss of credibility and brand loyalty and exposure of corporate accounts and strategic business information. In the case of regulated industries, such as medical and financial industries, a data breach is sure to result in government scrutiny and repercussions.

While businesses of all sizes are investing heavily in the security of the main database, data clones — both behind and beyond the firewall — are often left with minimal protections. The rigor applied to protecting original data would result in significant costs and create unwieldy operating environments if applied to clones used in testing and training situations. Yet, these clones hold the same sensitive information and are often in the hands of people who may not have full security vetting or training.

Testing challenges averted

Databases often are accessed from a variety of applications. Sometimes those applications are also utilizing multiple databases. The formats of data also vary. Whether it is the sensitive salaries table, SSN’s or demographics, each requires it’s own treatment to ensure proper masking while retaining usability. Any solution must be responsive to the business needs and ensure IT has a tool that will grow with the increasing demands of data security and the Software Development LifeCycle.

Solix EDMS Data Masking solves the problem

Solix EDMS does all of this. Solix EDMS Data Masking module keeps the data away from prying eyes in a cost-effective, highly secure alternative that guarantees data privacy, security, and compliance. As part of the Solix EDMS, the data masking module renders data unreadable by scrambling, encrypting and masking sensitive information. Yet, the software ensures the data format is retained, allowing all business functions to proceed seamlessly.

Solix EDMS uses application awareness and a vast library of algorithms to obscure all personal information while creating a valid environment for application testing. Data masking and encryption rules can be applied consistently across all business uses while the data retains its integrity for all testing and training purposes. Yet, flexibility is not compromised and IT can customize the module for the needs of business users and outside vendors.

Protection for FREE

The Solix EDMS Data Masking Standard Edition is available as a free download. The Standard Edition gives users many of the functions of the data masking module found in the EDMS for up to 10 columns of data. Installation of SE is a single step process and four simple steps are all that are needed to begin protecting data.


  • Ensures data clones are fully protected without the costs associated with protecting a main database.
  • Choices in masking strategy, which can be applied by single row or column, allowing complete customization for the needs of individual businesses.
  • Incorporates storage replication, application cloning, and other integral steps in the SDLC process into the masking solution.
  • A comprehensive library of masking and encryption algorithms ensures both the Chief Information Security Officer’s mandates for data security and the business user’s demands for rapid application testing can be met.
  • Policies are built on the testing and compliance needs of the business.
  • A complete library of functions meeting all test use cases.
  • Out-of-box Application Awareness for major enterprise applications.